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Uncovering Opportunities for Growth and Automation

Design a Better Business and Achieve Your Big-Picture Ideas

At Xerox Business Solutions Midwest we look beyond printers and copiers to discover true workflow bottlenecks and craft solutions designed to free your workforce from these struggles and open up opportunities to introduce automations - and it all starts with our 360 Assessment.

Our 360 Assessment is built on actual data, not estimates or projections. Our methodology always starts from the ground up; we’ll work hard to understand your specific business and goals so we can tailor a solution customized to your environment. We'll help you understand your total cost of ownership for all of your devices based on usage, workflow, and maintenance and provide you with a road map for establishing critical metrics - that way we can continuously monitor, manage, and analyze results for ongoing improvements.

Our experts utilize a multi-source approach to build a true picture of your current infrastructure - makin​g it easy for you to clearly see where you need to go in the future.

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Step 1

Understanding your environment

In this preliminary meeting, we define the strategic direction and your business objectives. Our goal is to understand your day-to-day business operations so we can help improve workflow processes

Step 2

Measuring your assets

At this stage, we set the baseline measurables for the strategic direction of your company objectives. A snapshot of the current environment is made to identify underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.

Step 3

Analyzing your trends

Integrated tools and techniques are used to collect and analyze data to develop concrete, actionable guidelines for achieving true workflow optimization. Our 360 App is the highlight of this stage.

Step 4

Improving your practices

Now it's time to identify all the opportunities for improvement - from hardware to sustainable working practices. Blueprints are created to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

Step 5

Reviewing your progress

During our assessment we like to take a step back and examine the bigger picture to ensure that our current progress aligns with your final goals. This give us the ability to make adjustments where we see necessary to ensure you are on track to reach your goals.

Step 6

Finalizing your goals

You're almost on your way to a more efficient and cost-effective printing environment for your organization! We use this opportunity to put the final pieces of your newly enhanced processes in place and prepare for the final implementation.


Step 7

Sustaining your achievements

With your newly implemented fleet management system in place we hand the control over to you. We outline an action plan of periodic reviews to focus on continuous improvements to include sustainable practices. Our goal is to give you total and complete control of your document management fleet.

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